Armageddon Black Tungsten Rings

Time for a little stealth black on black with this cutting edge Armageddon tungsten carbon fiber ring! No doubt this stylish ring will soon take pride of place as it’s comfortable to wear and super tough. Aptly named Armageddon – The tungsten legend was born of a volcanic apocalypse of phat-astic proportions whereby the young scientist transformed into a rabid beast of prey after being bitten by a ‘stone wolf’ was thrown into a live volcano! And what of his remains? Tungsten carbide metal! That’s crazy kick arse durability!

So you think this ring may look a little ordinary? Guarantee that this one is so sleek it cannot help but get noticed! And if by chance you and your Armageddon ring come face to face with a highly volatile landscape anytime soon; this stealthy black tungsten ring that’s a little phat with black carbon fibre will definitely survive the experience! Hopefully – You will too!

10mm Wide   17.7 grams