Ballistic Black Tungsten Rings

Black jewellery for men is the hot new trend with tungsten men’s dress rings and wedding bands blazing a sure fire path. Tungsten metal rings offer outright superior strength and durability combined with power and sophistication. Ballistic Tungsten Wedding Ring is a new spin with some serious funkd up phat that’s straight up and in your face!

Our new Kevlar rings are scorching hot and Ballistic is certainly no exception! This Tungsten, easy to wear ring projects an urban pulse combining a matt black ceramic, polished grooves & a 4mm black and yellow carbon Kevlar – that’s right carbon Kevlar! MaD leads the world once again with a look that is a monstrous mix of phat, smooth and metropolitan slick. It effortlessly strides the line between ballistic glitch and intoxicating abstraction with stunning shimmering polished lines along the holographic double twill carbon Kevlar that inspire. The MaD result is an impressive strong, masculine ring with a solid visual impact.

11mm wide   12.1 grams