Bandit Tungsten Rings

Don’t be fooled by the Bandit! This cool little spotted tungsten spinnaker packs plenty of grunt despite its resemblance to a fair ground carousel frame. The Bandit features a polished finish with a ceramic insert available in various different colours. You’ll have the makings for an amusement park right on your finger!

Since lots of male celebrities have been spotted wearing tungsten metal dress rings and wedding bands the trend will undoubtedly sky-rocket! Never judge a ring by it’s? The bandit is not only fashionable but will also stand up to being worn every day because tungsten rings are super hard and highly scratch resistant.  The Bandit is a perfect choice for absolutely anyone but especially for hip-hoppers, aerial artists, circus performers, carousel attendants and other phatastic entertainers! And rest assured despite being super tough; Granny’s tea party mates will undeniably adore it! And you’ll think its edgy look is totally mad and it requires very little maintenance to keep it looking soooo phat!

8mm wide   13.6 grams

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