Blue Steel Tungsten Rings

Get yourself a tungsten ring like this one that’s cleverly disguised as looking a little bit plain – but smacked phat with some seriously wicked blue carbon fibre! Too cool for school!

Its look is undoubtedly sleek; sophisticated sexy-stylish meets modern classic. Tungsten rings are popular because they are made from a metal that is highly durable and hypoallergenic. This particular blue steel tungsten ring is all buffed and polished up with a burst of colour making it ideal for every day wear or a wedding band.

Being made of an exceptional metal that will handle whatever life will dish up; your Blue Steel Tungsten ring is built to last! Don’t be fooled – because although it may look lovely and shiny; this ring is Tungsten tough! In fact one might say Tungsten metal jewellery is a perfect union of magnificence meets space age technology!  And don’t you be checking yourself out in the super smooth mirror-like sheen just because you can! Bet you do!

10mm Wide    16.7 grams