Burgler Black Tungsten Rings

If only the world’s worst detective had this Tungsten carbide, all plated black, polished and brushed gent’s ring. Instead of obtusely bungling assassins and shady officials he’d have been transformed into the ninja Burgler.

Looking to meet a lovely lady? You’re covered because our Burgler Black Tungsten Ring with its smooth stealthy ninja looks and sly green carbon fiber strip; means this ring could easily be used as an aid to burgle the ladies gaze!

Like all our tungsten carbide rings; the racy Burgler is customarily crafted using quality metals and cutting-edge technology ensuring a superior design, style and durability that lasts! It’s very hip, strong, sleek and urbane – Absolutely perfect for today’s discerning gent. Tungsten carbide all plated black then polished & brushed. Inlaid with 4mm green black carbon fiber centre strip

But then again; just like the secretive Burgler; chances are there’s a whole lot more to her than meets the eye! Turns out she digs your phat Tungsten band for its deep industrial vibe as well as interesting cerebral guise – not because you’ve hypnotised her as a freaky hypnotic Pink Panther want-to be or some other weird ninja sleuth! Black Tungsten psychedelic all the way baby!

12mm Wide   20.9 grams