Burnout Tungsten Rings

Tungsten jewellery is the new gold for men and is a perfect choice to communicate commitment, strength & an everlasting bond! Like all of our tough Tungsten rings; we put this terrific Tungsten Wedding Ring named Burnout through a few red-hot moves. This little sporty gem came out victorious! MaD wins hands down and so you will you with this stylish and functional wedding band that simply keeps on keeping on regardless of how hard-hitting a scenario you throw at it!

Choose the Burnout Tungsten Carbide Ring if you want a look that’s bold and strong – elegant and classy! This amazing tungsten creation has polished edges, brushed off centre featuring angled grooves and inlaid with carbon fibre commanding plenty of jaw dropping attention.  This is one serious wedding band that makes the grade for today’s man. Best of all; Burnout is the perfect high velocity expression of your burning true LOVE! Just like your sweet heart; this ring is a treasure that you will cherish forever!

12mm wide    22.1 grams