Carbon Muncher Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings – The ideal everyday ring, engagement ring or wedding ring for today’s man! Carbon Muncher; aptly named in reference to the combination of tough tungsten carbide and carbon fibre inlay. Although we do know of another definition for the term! But unlike THAT definition this particular tungsten beauty is seriously brushed and polished, then finished with a real carbon fibre insert. Brilliantly smooth! Sporting a modern contemporary wedding ring with a name like Carbon Muncher may not be appropriate for your grand-father; but it’s perfect for the young and young at heart!

This ring has an up-to-date appearance with typical Tungsten features of always looking brand spanking new, retaining a highly polished gleam and it doesn’t scratch! This tungsten men’s band is an eye catcher and guaranteed to be a hassle-free comfortable fit. Carbon Muncher Men’s Ring is one PHAT bit of loot offering some very serious elegance and class – Albeit with a truckload of steely toughness thrown in for good measure!

8mm Wide    14.5 grams