Chopper Tungsten Rings

Distinguished but radical; the Chopper Tungsten Ring offers a unique quality look that is highly energetic, exciting and powerful. Its MaD Chopper styled slashed pattern creates the perfect frame for urban brash meets slick innovation.

Chop-chop! Chop chopper chop-chop! This is what you’ll be doing all the way home with our Chopper Tungsten. This ring is seriously tough! Tougher than Chopper Read himself? You be the judge! The original Chopper has survived being stabbed, shot and bashed – Yeah. We believe our MaD Chopper is just as tough! And like the original legend; our Chopper Tungsten too will stand the test of time and be remembered as the classic tough buff that’s outlasted all of his rivals! So much in common!

Our Chopper Tungsten ring is supremely polished to perfection with Freddy style chomp marks! Manufactured from highest quality Tungsten carbide & carbon fibre; this one is comprised of all the cool stuff which makes MaD Tungsten rings the funkiest bling around!

8mm Wide    17.6 grams