Confucius Tungsten Rings

Inspired by the famous Chinese philosopher that influenced social relationships, morality & justice; this stylish ring is named Confucius. The oriental pattern featured on it invites opportunity for wisdom & greatness into your life. The style is intricate, imparting sacred knowledge and is perfect for the man wishing to invoke his spiritual nature or perhaps delve into the practice of feng shui creating a life filled with balance and harmony.  You wish! We just made all that up!

Confucius is made from polished tungsten carbide which has been inlaid with a carbon fibre base – rose gold plated stainless steel intricate pattern. It’s undoubtedly a stunning piece with a design configuration that instantly memorises its beholder. This gem is perfect for a dress ring but also makes an awesome wedding ring. May our MaD Tungsten Confucius styled ring attract and enhance love and represent a happy and harmonious union for you and your beloved serving as a daily inspiration for every single one of your endeavours.

8mm Wide    12.1 grams