Cosa Nostra Tungsten Rings

Cosa Nostra is especially designed for men that can wear a Harley Davidson jacket exuding a macho, tough and very hard skinned demeanour! If you think you’re in this special powerful syndicate league; you must be one scary character!

MaD Tungsten Metalliferous in your face! Our new Kevlar rings are the BIG business with the Cosa Nostra being a little different in the looks department. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something outstanding and attention grabbing! It’s got strong, tough and rugged written all over it!

This Tungsten magnum opus features brushed tungsten carbide, inlaid with a pure silver AND a black yellow carbon Kevlar strip. That’s right carbon Kevlar!!! MaD leads the world and stands the test of time! The Cosa Nostra is sure to form a lasting impression for legitimate reasons; but be warned this MaD PHAT number isn’t for everybody! Like the men themselves, this Tungsten is all about style, strength and durability!

10mm Wide    19.2 grams