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We’ll construct whatever you want! Custom MaD Ring just for you – tick some boxes, choose some cool stuff and away we go – It doesn’t get much better than this! Fields marked with an Asterix(*) are required fields and you cant progress further without telling us.


The custom ring maker below is designed to handle most day to day ring orders accurately, however in some cases you may have an out of the ordinary request , then contact us first eg. an Octagonal Shaped Ring- Yes we’ve made one!. If not Robert is your mother’s brother!


The heart wants what the heart wants, and we at Mad Tungsten Rings deliver you the desired ring you crave for. We have made the option of customizing your ring an easy task. The option of selecting a base, selecting the number of grooves and also inducing a Kevlar band or a carbon fiber band is made available.


A separate text box, where all your requirements regarding the design could be given and the option of embedding stones is also made available. Despite the fact that Tungsten is virtually scratchproof, we strive to engrave your message that you wish to be on the ring. A ring designed to perfection with all you love is now possible through Mad Tungsten Rings.
Some designs are hard to express through words or aren’t found below. That isn’t your end either; Mad Tungsten is here to hear your thoughts out loud and is prepared to deliver the ring you desire.


Please note custom made rings cant be pulled out of a hat like our other magnificent rings in stock here. So please be patient and only order one if you are happy to wait atleast 10 weeks. If you are getting a plain tungsten ring custom made or plain striped rings with , no inlay, no plating then we can often do one as quick as 4 weeks but if youre wedding is next weekend and you want a custom made ring, welcome to planet Earth.