Double Drop Tungsten Rings

You’ll love this Tungsten ring as it’s not only a stunner, but also is tremendously comfortable and very easy to wear. No doubt MaD Double Drop will have you sporting a sexy hot look featuring sleek lines and just the right amount of bling – You’ll look and feel like someone seriously famous! This little wonder is black with dual white real carbon fibre strips which make it really stand out! Tungsten rings – built on a promise of being tough, durable and superciliously stylish! This is an excellent choice for the ultra-cool sophisticated gent.

Saying I Do with a Tungsten rings is a hot new trend that looks like is here to stay as Double Drop certainly makes the grade on that all important wedding day! Better yet though it will also look fabulous for many years to come! Nothing outlasts or outperforms a Tungsten men’s wedding ring; except perhaps a Tungsten gent himself!

8mm Wide.    6.1 grams

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