Dream Weaver Tungsten Rings

We know you’ll absolutely love your MaD Phat tungsten! It’s packs plenty of punch with lots of pizazz exuding a totally sexy vibe that’s totally rad! It’s an eclectic mix of brushed tungsten, polished stainless steel and 7 highly sparkly CZ stones! Go on! You know you want it. Dare to be bold and dream one of these babies onto your finger to instantly be the envy of all who see!

Stunning tungsten rings are diversely unique with each style defining the wearer’s personality. Tough rustic rings for rugged blokes, smooth styles for the sophisticated urban dweller or totally MaD rad for the phatest guys on the planet! That’s right; you can trust Tungsten metal to deliver a ring that suits everyone and anyone but is unbelievably durable to boot! Tungsten Dream Weaver – Bursting with just enough Pop O Razzi bling to get you noticed on the psychedelic Dream Weaver Train!

8mm wide    12.5 grams