Funk Bang Double Tungsten Rings

If you’re thinking about getting serious with someone and perhaps talking about getting hitched; you’ll need to choose a wedding band – eventually. No need to worry as you can get yourself one of our MaD Funk Bang Double Tungsten Rings which is stylish and super smooth! Just like your other 1/2 – Definitely a keeper!( we like happy endings)

At MaD we understand that jewellery shopping isn’t on your TOP 5 list of favourite wedding things to; so we’ve done all of the hard yards for you. Take a look see what we have in stall for you. There isn’t anything ordinary about this funky Tungsten ring. Although there’s no yellow gold, not an ounce of bling and nothing too radical; just a very cool Tungsten!  She’s a beauty alright – tough on quality, smoothly good looking, durable and definitely hard as! Not needing a wedding band just yet? Not a problem! This beauty does a double take and makes a great casual dress ring. We know you’ll absolutely love your MaD Phat tungsten! It’s the Funk bang Double! Twice the amount of funk!

8mm  Wide 14.1 grams