Funk Junkie Black Tungsten Rings

This Tungsten men’s ring is perfect for the hip Funk Junkie that knows what a funkleheimer is! Those that don’t – You’re seriously funkitated and that’s about as lame as being totally funkless! Our Funk Junkie Tungsten Rings on the other hand are totally rad – stealthy and black but a little phat with white carbon fibre!

Our MaD design Tungstens are easy to wear, easy on the eye and NOT easy to break! Durability to the max! Add the fact that Tungsten rings will handle life’s pugnaciously tough situations, are tough on durability and comfortable – and you’ve got ONE brand name on your lips. MaD Tungsten! We are so sure that you’ll be thrilled with the quality and style of our Funk Junkie because it’s absolutely packed with so much funked flair exuding a totally sexy vibe that’s totally rad! The black plating and a white carbon fibre strip means with this much funk; you’ll be dubbed the funkmaster! That’s one serious load of funk and PHAT!

10mm Wide    17.9 grams