Fusion Tungsten Rings

Our MaD Fusion Tungsten men’s rings really are something else! It really is an immortal contemporary gem of a ring featuring a whole lot of tungsten carbide, a dash of brushed finish, some funky polished grooves and a bit of black ceramic – We’ve fused it all together and created the MaD  Fusion range of stunning dress, engagement or wedding rings exclusively for men. It’s a Phat shiny duo toned stunner!

This Tungsten carbide features brushed top, polished edges, grooves and a polished black ceramic centre. Reminds us of a combo of rock music meets jazz type fusion! That’s some seriously wicked vibe!  Need tough? Need scratch resistant? Need durable? Want comfort? Our Tungsten rings are super easy to wear and so durable they’ll last at least a dozen lifetimes! Guaranteed! Blending classic smooth sleek lines with just the right amount of Phat makes Fusion perfect for any man; attached or unattached.

8mm Wide    15.5 grams