Fuzz Tungsten Rings

Dude that tungsten ring is seriously phat! As you can see this fully polished silver ring has so much super sexy mega phat – It’s got to be phat on steroids! That’s right; we took phat and phatend it, throwing in some extra phatonic essence for good measure, spiced it up extra-phatanically and then the propelled it to a whole new level of phat multiplying it with phat to the power of phatter! Trouble is the cops got wind of it so we’ve call it the Fuzz to keep them onside. Just like the Fuzz; this tungsten ring is super tough, hard, virtually scratchproof and retains it brilliant shine for decades. How seriously phat is that! This tungsten wedding band or dress ring featuring fully polished edges with a number of angled ‘slits’ and phat ass strip of blue carbon fibre in the middle is 13mm wide and weighs 22.5 grams. Whether you’re at home chilling with some mates throwing back a few cold beers or collecting on a couple of sure-fire bets at the race track; this urban styles men’s ring is one phat star amongst all black rings. No need to call the Fashion Police bro as you’ve got some serious P.H.A.T.  Fuzz happening right there on your hand!