Holy Funk Tungsten Rings

Our Holy Funk Tungsten Ring is an unquestionably great all-rounder for the up the aisle; out and about or just looking good while generally funking about! Featuring a middle that’s brushed, wickedly highly polished outsides with subtle grooves adding definition; this ingeniously styled Tungsten is completely MaD!

When you need a ring that’s not only durable, scratch resistant and made tough – Tungsten rings are your best option and our holy Funk range are undeniably Phat and funky! You can be guaranteed that this ring will not only look fabulous for many years to come but that you’ll also exude so much sexy stylish charm you’ll be totally holy-funked! This men’s Tungsten ring is ideal to wear either as a stylish dress ring or would be the perfect statement of true love if worn as a wedding ring. Not to forget that Tungsten dress rings and wedding bands are made to handle life’s most holy-funking situations! That’s super tough!

8mm Wide    12.7 grams