Ice Man Tungsten Rings

This stunning Tungsten men’s ring never needs polishing and is seriously tough. Featuring a fully polished finish and a band of decorative blue coloured carbon fibre in its centre; this one really pops!  Its look is undoubtedly sleek; sophisticated sexy-stylish meets modern classic exuding a cool, calm and refined charm. Ice Man is definitely a one of a kind Gunsten keeper!
Tungsten men’s rings are also incredibly easy to wear and well known for the fact. And with the Ice Man on your side; you can rest assured that nobody’s going to shoot down your chances of finding a special little bit of phat! Or if you’re in the market for a wedding ring; nothing says I Do quite as coolly as our Mad Tungsten Ice Man. But in the end; regardless of your intent being as a casual statement of your self-assured style or an eternal symbol of commitment, this ring will get the message across nice and loudly. 8mm Wide    14.3 grams