Jet Pilot Tungsten Rings

It’s not as though you’re not buff enough already but dare to be dashing with one of our MaD Jet Pilot Tungsten Mens Wedding Rings. It certainly looks fab here but wait till you actually see this ring! It’s awesome! It will undoubtedly become your favourite! It’s tough. It’s durable. It’s a MaD Jet Pilot Tungsten wedding ring.

Jet Pilot zooms in featuring Tungsten and silver polished band inlaid with 24kt gold strips! That’s MaD! But not only is out jet suavely sexy, very tough and made to last for a very long time; but it’s also the bomb in comfort. It will sit snug and comfy even if you’re ripping across the sky doing gravity-defying spins and twists Top Gun Style in excess of 900 kph! Buy our Tungsten wedding ring or do both and you can tick off the Jet Pilot extreme exhilaration from your bucket-list!

8mm wide – (1mm width) for each 24(kt) inlaid gold strip