Knowledge Tungsten Rings

You may not know that our stunning MaD Tungsten mens ring means you’ll not only be the smartest person for sure but you’ll also be the best looking one too! That’s pretty Phat-oliciously indignant; but who cares when you look THAT great!

This regal looking beauty features tungsten carbide that’s been all polished up with an inlaid carbon fiber base and an intricate stainless steel pattern. Elegantly stylish meets intelligence plus! Our stunning Knowledge Tungsten mens ring is ideal for an everyday casual style or makes a great wedding band choice. Looking and feeling good is easy with Tungsten rings – Get the look and style that’s tough and guaranteed to never need polishing! But of course you instinctively know that Knowledge Tungsten rings are phateriously strong and durable as well as incredibly comfortable too. Ultimate in brains and comfort! What a winning combination! Kind of like MaD Tungsten pizazz meets the geek!

8mm Wide    12.5 grams