MaD Devil Tungsten Rings

MaD Devil is intriguing with intricate detail, slashes of red and a mysterious charm that is devilish but kind of regal too. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s finally time to step into another world where your she-devil awaits. Here comes the bride – She’s hot, hot, HOT AS HELL! Undoubtedly this little vixen needs no help getting in touch with her evil side and you’ll show her yours! Behind that red sequined she-devil mask and veil is the ONE! This MaD Devil Tungsten Wedding Ring is picture-perfect to symbolise this devilishly loving union! She’ll leave you vulnerable as she utters: “I Love You” or ‘Can you help me with the Dishes?’ But then rest assured; you’ll be devilishly rewarded by her sinfully sexy red hot devil attire.

Our MaD Devil brushed and polished tungsten carbide gent’s ring with matt black ceramic lines and a 4mm black and red double twill carbon Kevlar. That’s right carbon Kevlar! MaD leads the world once again! BUT she’s hotter. Her slick-looking red vinyl wedding dress has a super sexy wet look guaranteed to give you sweaty palms! Just as well your fabulous Tungsten wedding ring is a good fit!

13mm Wide   19.7 grams