Matador Black Tungsten Rings

Stylishly smooth meets heroic bullfighter Grande Tercio best describes our MaD Matador! Tungsten carbide smacked with a 3-piece ceramic top that’s all shined up – Totally sweet! Sure the running of the bulls is a prominent event but taking front and centre stage may see you get trampled! Never mind if you find yourself looking at the wrong end of a bull; MaD Tungsten Matador will see you right. At least you’ll look fabulous even if you’re in deep sh!t!

But relax knowing that your Tungsten Matador will easily go the distance, no matter how tough the going gets! This beaut Tungsten mens ring makes for a fabulous mens wedding band or a dress ring.  Our magnificent MaD Matador Tungsten rings offer a smooth experience that’s guaranteed maximum comfort smacked with enough zest to outlast any bull! No BULL! Tungsten rings are tough as, resilient, stylish and very sexy! Sexy so long as there’s no gaudy gold chain nestled in a dense forest of dark curly chest hair!

9mm wide    15.2 grams