Max Tungsten Rings

Looking to find yourself a whole lot of trouble? Too easy with the Max! This fab Tungsten features nice simple straight lines and a sweet brushed finish. And it’s also got a max-truck load of steely Phat toughness thrown in for good measure! Awesome!

And like everything that’s ever been maxed out – There’s absolutely nothing quite as MaD as our Max Tungsten as a mens wedding band! Utterly perfect for such a max-imum important event! In fact Tungsten mens rings are built to last through ten or more lifetimes. Scratch-proof and guaranteed to never need polishing! Don’t forget to take I Do to the MAX by wearing a MaD Max Tungsten mens wedding band!

Not getting married any time soon? Not a problem as Max also makes a great everyday dress ring! It’s packed with Max comfort, Max good looks and is also Max on durability and toughness! Our MaD Max Tungsten Mens Ring is definitely ONE in a maxi-million!

8mm wide    17.0 grams