Moistenator Black Tungsten Rings

Seriously fat & Phat describes our Moistenator that’s totally MaD Tungsten in ya face! These fab trendy Kevlar mens rings are MaD business and Moistenator is maxing it out each and every day! Seriously this one is off it’s tits! Want speed or just like a cool look; then Mositenator is the ring for you! Featuring a Tungsten base, soft black ceramic finish with polished grooves, black & red 4mm double-twill carbon Kevlar; this Tungsten mens ring is seriously Whet! Our MaD Tungsten styled bling definitely is a world leader!

Made so tough; it’s practically indestructible! Comfort fit and looks awesome too! The Moistenator mens Tungsten ring takes men’s jewellery to an uncut level of sexy styled strength. It’s definitely a whole lot of Phat times infinity! Although Tungsten is a popular choice for a smart casual look ideal for everyday; plenty of men are choosing tough Tungstens as their preferred mens wedding band nowadays. Moistenator is undeniably sexy smooth. Could say its rugged sophistication meets urban awesome whet!

12mm Wide    14.3 grams