Monster Tungsten Rings

MaD Tungsten base featuring a black polished ceramic that’s off set with a 4mm strip of black-orange dbl-twill carbon Kevlar! Monster Tungsten is so gonna scare you! Scare you senseless with how clever we at MaD Tungsten are in coming up with a look that’s this so damn good! This mens tungsten ring is sooo Phat that everyone will want to tap dat Monster bit of booty you are wearing on your finger! Yo – Totally sweet!

This particular steel tungsten ring; buffed and polished with a double burst of colour is ideal for every day wear or is the mammoth of all mens wedding rings! Monster Tungsten Rings – If you want to stand out from the crowd! Not only versatile but also a comfy fit style and made from metal that doesn’t show wear & tear. Our MaD Monster tungsten mens ring is packed with steely toughness for the man that likes to push things to the limit! It’s built to last and still look brand spanking new!

10mm Wide    12.8 grams