Mud Guard Ceramic Tungsten Ring White

Mud Guard Tungsten Rings

Generally mud guards are all nice and polished up on the exterior but contain nothing but crap on the inside. Know a few people that fit that description? Our MaD Tungsten Mud Guard’s nothing but solid coolness minus the sh!t – You know you want to come get yourself some! Stunning black-plated mens tungsten ring featuring centre encircled with a white ceramic brushed exterior! It doesn’t get much Phater than this.

Mud Guard Tungsten is tough smooth meets fine funk – a great combination of classical contemporary black & white! Made to take some serious treatment just like all quality mud guards should! This ring is durable, tough and very stylish – It’s a well-known fact that women like men that know what they want; when they want it! That’s why you should choose our MaD Tungsten Mens Rings – guaranteed tough, won’t lose their shine and are very durable. Just the way the ladies like them to be! Oh and the rings too!

8mm Wide    11.2 grams