Overboost Tungsten Rings

Nothing plain about this Tungsten mens ring featuring a stealthy black base with a slash of blue wicked carbon fibre. Overboost is a deep, dark and futuristic MaD tungsten stylish statement. Imagine a touch of marital sentiment with a crisp and smooth ‘I do’ as the Tungsten mens wedding band movement spreads! It’s the almighty return of tremendously masculine phat mens wedding rings – albeit thanks to MaD! This tungsten ring has all the features you’d expect – strength, durability and style! Guaranteed to be tough! Bring it on!

Overboost is the perfect mens wedding band because like its name suggests; it goes that little bit further lasting a lot longer. This solid black mens Tungsten Ring is suitable for any man; any occasion whether attached or single. It’s ideal as a wedding band, engagement ring or even for everyday as it’s extremely comfortable to wear! With a modern, sleek design it spells extremely good phat fashion taste!

10mm Wide    17.7 grams