Phat Wedder Tungsten Rings

Bo (one of our MaDaging Blingors) loves this bit of bling! He say’s “We’ve squeezed all the ‘arsy’ness’ out of a classic wedding band & added a whole lot of funk! Who wouldn’t love it?” We agreed! This little gem is a highly polished charming classic boasting an utterly wicked polished gold strip down the middle! Utterly fnkd up wedding band classically twisted MaD Tungsten pizazz!

The style is simultaneously rather simple yet also undeniably bedazzling – complex classic meets bold and daring! We are sure that our MaD Tungsten Phat Wedder boasting an unfettered vibe that’s absolutely totally phat with plenty of suave sophistication is perfect for the Phattest wedding! Definitely the bomb. Easy on the eye and easy to wear as well as tough AS! Durability to the max! Stunning contemporary urban styled master-piece that’s a timeless classic –A purrrr-fect love affair that’s bursting with plenty of seriously delicious individualized wedding ring phat!

8mm Wide    13.1 grams