Plain MaD Tungsten Rings

An unequivocally captivating classic timeless piece!  A great bit of MaD Tungsten loot that will go with almost any get up – Shiny polished finish with matt stripe. Brilliantly smooth, stylishly simple equates to Plain MaD! It’s totally wicked!

Exciting and confident; Plain MaD could be the noble bad boy of MaD Tungsten – Buy one or TEN since if equipped with some sure-fire  sexy Plain MaD Tungsten loot you’ll unleash your inner sex-God that all women CRAVE! Sleek lines, buffed and polished – That’s what we’re talking about! Phat Plain MaD smoking sexy n HOT!  Definitely a perfect choice for a dress ring or stylish wedding band!  You’ll feel and look like a million bucks wearing our Plain MaD tungsten that’s totally wild featuring fabulous comfort styling, extra tough durability and a sparkling mirror-like sheen that never needs polishing! Guaranteed scratch-proof too – It’s utterly plain and simple for sure but also very, very P.H.A.T!

7mm Wide   15.7 gramspan>