Poached Egg Tungsten Ring

Poached Egg but no toast! Just a plain simple piece of bling that has been funked up!

Our fully polished tungsten carbide men’s ring makes for one very serious contender in the MaD Tungsten classic romantic rings rewards – If there ever were such a contest; Poached Egg would definitely take out the main prize!

Being made of the highest quality Tungsten metal, this ring is ideal for everyday wear be it as a snazzy casual ring or a formal wedding band. Rest assured MaD Tungsten men’s rings are made strong – so tough and endurable in fact that we guarantee them not scratch, tarnish or ever need polishing. The ring that’s sure to go the distance! This Tungsten style may be simple for sure; but boasting a wicked smooth and shiny finish; Poached Egg certainly exudes just the right amount of scrumptiously delicious pizazz! It’s so sweet you can almost taste it!

8mm Wide    15.8 grams