Power Tungsten Rings

Maybe not Hulk Hogan style power but you’ll feel it when wearing this bad boy. Get some! Polished tungsten carbide which is inlaid with a carbon fibre base and a gold plated intricate pattern make this MaD Tungsten seriously POP with Power! Daring you to new levels of bold and tough when wearing this Power-load snuggly on your finger- you’ll definitely be able to Hulk Hogan that sexy little hoe! Our MaD Tungsten Power ring guarantees that you’ll always be the envy of all who see!

Just like his infamous trade mark centre-ring style; we’ve empowered men’s Power Tungsten up with some sweet yellow carbon bling! Tough, rugged and sexy meets intricately configured quality styling is perfect for the sophisticated urban city slicker or even Terry Gene Bollea himself! How about donning a sexy Hulkamania costume comprising a super short yellow sleeveless shirt, red bandana, feather boa, wrist-bands and tights? It’s for the hoe – Seriously!

8mm Wide    13.5 grams