Redline Tungsten Rings

Despite the chunky 12mm width; this contemporary Tungsten ring wraps round your finger like a supermodel! And just like a supermodel; this ring attracts plenty of attention – a true good looker when it comes to rings! Dressed up in magnificent scarlet red berries; people will drool and you’re guaranteed to look like and feel like a rock star exuding sex appeal with stylish scorching allure. Bright, bold and daring – is your mantra!

Now about that supermodel – she may be beautiful but your Tungsten men’s ring is a stunner! Featuring the polished shine of tungsten carbide, angled grooves and red carbon fiber inlay; this ripper of a ring has it all! Being seriously hard-core; this tungsten ring may be just the thing to snag that little lady and make her all yours! Your Tungsten Redline could be the magnificent token of adoration to the one you love. Unsurpassed beauty, superior quality and exquisitely unique; just like your supermodel!

12mm wide    22.1 grams