Rubber Chicken Tungsten Rings

If you wore a real chicken on your finger you still wouldn’t get as many comments as you will wearing our Rubber Chicken. MaD Tungsten guaranteed! This trendy tungsten ring with bevelled polished edges and a deep polished groove that’s brushed on top is intoxicating baby!

Rubber Chicken squawks toughness and durability. How tough? Apparently squawking-ly scary tough! It’s also guaranteed not to tarnish, is scratch resistant and styled for a comfort fit. So for all you serious chicken-haters – This Tungsten suave chickadee is related to Big Bird so chances are this Phat piece of bling will be around for a very long time to come. Our MaD Tungsten Rubber Chicken is hot; smoking hot! Good looking, stylish and very PHAT! So long as you don’t end up doing the dirty bird dance flapping your wings ferociously and winding up looking like total tool! But then again – perhaps it’s all part and parcel of the Squawking Rubber Chicken territory! You’ve Been Chicken Rolled!

8mm Wide    15.0 grams