Signature Tungsten Rings

We could say that we’ve inappropriately named this one Signature since we think this ring is actually not all that MaD at all! But still since it is a MaD Tungsten mens ring it’s undeniably tough, durable, comfy and nonetheless rather wicked! Brushed finish featuring 24kt gold & silver inlaid

Tungsten mens rings are ideal as a dress ring suitable for any occasion or how about opting for a Signature mens wedding band? Lots of men nowadays are breaking with the old-fashioned traditional styled wedding rings because Tungsten mens rings offer a cool alternative that is a little different and never needs polishing! On second thoughts – perhaps it’s not on the top of our list on closer inspection; we reckon our MaD Signature mens ring is actually radically awesome after all! Stand out in Signature style and look totally MaD!

9mm wide – 1mm width (left 24kt gold strip) & 0.8mm width (right silver strip)