Smckd Ars Tungsten Rings

Appearances are deceiving! Looks somewhat simple but nonetheless stylish; and even a little bit phat! MaD Smckd Ars is definitely sexy as with an energetic vibe. TBH this one is rather slick – all polished up and deliciously smacked with a saucy-wicked red carbon strip!

Our jazzy urban Tungsten is wickedly durable being so tough it’s virtually indestructible! You’ll never want to take this tungsten ring off as not only is it a stunner, but so comfortable and easy to wear! And won’t tarnish or lose its mirror like shine either! Brilliant!

Smckd Ars – For the gent that knows his linguistics! Don’t go getting all tongue tied; accidently mistaking smacked-ass madness for our MaD Smckd Ars Tungsten style! No comparison! Sure you’ll stand out above the crowd but our MaD racer will have you forever known as seriously P.H.A.T – whereas the other spelling will brand you as a seriously stupid dumb ass twit!