Smoking Gun Black Tungsten Rings

Ooooohhh yeah a smoking gun! Who did it and where??? Actually who really cares? They’ll all be too busy checking out your new bling! Our MaD Smoking Gun features a black ceramic base with a tungsten carbide center that’s been all polished up, gleaming and ready for your fat finger! Seriously Smoking Phat!

Nothing ordinary about this loaded armament that’s guaranteed to get you noticed! Definitely stylish and up to being worn day-in day-out since it made from tough Tungsten metal making it scratch resistant, hypoallergenic and highly durable.  Perfect as a stylish dress ring for absolutely any occasion – And choosing MaD Smoking Gun as a wedding band is the bomb of all wedding rings. That’s totally irrefutable! These descriptive words come to mind – smoking slick!  All suited up and sporting our Tungsten wedding ring will see looking uber sexy & verrry smooth! Too bad you’re spoken for as plenty of smoking lovelies would die to get their game on with YOU!

8mm Wide    9.4 grams