Sniper Tungsten Rings

WATCH OUT! Someone might Sniper you and steal your bling with something this funky on your finger. Skunk them first! This one’s polished to perfection with a twist – Featuring a few angular grooved slashes within gleamingly polished tungsten carbide –silver combo!
Our MaD Sniper is simultaneously rugged-smooth and exudes a kind of classic meets urban funked up bling but without all of the bedazzle-smazzle!  Guaranteed to look like new forever as well as to retain that stunning polished gleam; this one’s a steal!  It won’t scratch either! Bonus! Features a comfort fit and looks great! Double bonus!

Sniper is definitely a PHAT bit of loot with a dash of classy elegance and style – Even though the Sniper labelling implies it may have fallen off the back of a truck in China! But it seriously didn’t since our Tungsten rings are MaD Tungsten heavy duty durable, tough and totally legitimate Sniper quality guaranteed!

8mm Wide    16.8 grams