Soul Tungsten Rings

Get yourself sould on one of our unconventional Tungsten mens rings called Soul now! This gem features polished tungsten carbide, a carbon fiber base inlay and intricate stainless steel pattern. Exuding a funky-hipster kind of vibe reminiscent of the psychedelic 60’s era; Soul is totally groovy baby!

This stylish mens Tungsten ring features the typical Tungsten qualities of steely toughness, never needs polishing and guaranteed to look brand spanking new forever! Now that’s seriously soul-icious! A delicate pattern infused with Flower-Power energy amidst gentle languid flowing markings – that’s definitely describes our energetic MaD Soul Tungsten mens ring. May you wear it with pride whether it’s as a casual hip dress ring or an unconventional mens wedding band; our MaD Soul styled Tungsten is a reminder of a bygone era that spawned a cultural revolution that still resonates throughout the world today! Long live the message of peace, love and Rock n Roll!

8mm Wide    12.1 grams