Spitroast Black Tungsten Rings

Thinking about a wedding band or not thinking of one?  Turn up the heat with this fabulously hot sizzling Spitroast men’s ring. It’s not only got a ton of ballsy testosterone attitude; one could even say it’s definitely smoking!

All buffed and gleaming the Spitroast features a stunning red black carbon Kevlar strip with some ceramic thrown in for good measure. Oooh yeah high fives all round! A wedding band with a funked up blistering phat personality!

Fire in the hole – well in the centre actually! Be it a slash, bolt or band of colour men’s wedding bands nowadays come in some amazing styles. Their sporty, masculine and very sexy – like a selection of designer super charged hotrod wedding bands!

Spitroast in your face! Our new Kevlar rings are the business; so get up close and check it out!

11mm Wide   19.2 grams

Tungsten carbide with ceramic filled grooves and a 4mm black and orange double twill carbon Kevlar strip. All polished up and absolutely glorious. That’s right carbon Kevlar! MaD Bling leads the world once again!