Sweetie Tungsten Rings

Aptly named as this one is definitely sweet! Named for it’s attitude; a real wee little MaD Sweetie! Looks positively awesome! Racy little Phat bit of bling that’s built to last! Made from polished tungsten featuring a single brushed stripe smack through the middle inlaid with a CZ stone – Very sweet indeed!

Let’s not get all hyped up on so much sugary sweetness now as this sweet MaD Tungsten mens ring is also built tough; Tungsten steel tough! Sure it’s a little bit blingy but nonetheless it exudes a sturdy urban vibe that pops with a sexy masculine energy – Still definitely a really sexy-cute mens Tungsten ring!

Tungsten rings are sky-rocketing in popularity, both in the casual everyday dress ring category and stylish contemporary mens wedding bands. Totally sweet! Guaranteed a smooth maximum comfort fit and delightfully smacked with just enough bling; our Sweetie Tungsten mens rings are 100% tough, resilient, stylish and definitely very, very sexy! Sexy sweetness to the max multiplied by infinity!

7mm wide    11.3 grams