Tequila Sunrise Black Tungsten Rings

MaD Tequila! Smooth – sexy entwined with a splash of orange & BANG! Seriously all funk’d up mens tungsten ring! Time to party! Bringing a touch of Mexico to any occasion; this winning combo of ceramic and tungsten made Phat with a bit of 18kt gold plating, brushed top and a glistening racy red stripe creates a winning festive mood anywhere, anytime! MaD Tungsten Mardi Gras celebration happening on your Phat finger!

Simply genial! We’ve taken some plain old Tungsten metal, MaDly polished it up, added some wicked red-orange bling and spiced it with a dash of Tequila! Whether your preference is a scrumptious slow screw, some enchanting sex on the beach or a straight up Tequila Sunrise; our MaD Tungsten mens rings are very salacious and seriously sweet! Tequila spice – Hot! Nice! Hopefully you won’t end up with a head that feels like a piñata in the morning! Now eat that worm!

10 mm Wide     13.8 grams