The Watson Tungsten Rings

Ordinary perhaps but with a dash of twisted funk! The Watson; one might say is rather quite glamorous. Elementary my dear! Brushed matte up on top and a perfectly shiny edge – Exquisite! There can only be one! The Watson – A force to be revered.

Like all our MaD Tungsten mens rings this particular gem is also seriously buffed, polished to a brushed finish, highly durable, scratch resistant and made tough;  Tungsten tough! Masculine jewellery for the stylish confident gent that knows how to wear it just right! Plain and simple – Very sexy indeed!

The Watson mens tungsten ring makes an elegant dress ring or a stunning classic-urban style mens wedding band. Undoubtedly the story-teller archetype; always looking very fly and right on the mark at figuring out a mystery! Our high quality designs always go the distance! Trust The Watson to point you in the right direction! What a good-luck charm! Our MaD Tungsten mens ring hits the sweet spot; that’s right – It’s elementary my dear Watson! Elementary!

8mm Wide    13.2 grams