Vault Black Tungsten Rings

Our Vault is quite the sophisticated MaD Tungsten mens ring boasting simple snazzy lines! Also featuring a very wicked tungsten ceramic mix that’s polished and looking all sparkly! Seriously spiked with sizzling sexy smooth meets utterly satisfying satisfaction; wearing the Vault tungsten mens ring feels like it’s time to get cracking – What you waiting for? Go Go Go! Red Bull may give you wings BUT our MaD Tungsten Vault means you could take on Chuck Norris! This little beauty is seriously tough!

Our Tungsten mens rings are the most wear-resistant rings with a hardness score of 9 – making diamonds with a hardness score of 10, the only substance that’s harder! It’s this hardness that keeps Tungsten mens rings permanently all shined up to never lose their original colour or need polishing! Lots of people favour a Tungsten wedding band believing that the hardness symbolizes their unending and never-failing love.  How romantic!

8mm Wide    13.2 grams