Waxed and Buffed Tungsten Rings

An eye catching ring – you won’t be disappointed! Polished gem boasting a wicked shiny finish with a wide, genuine carbon fibre strip! When someone looks fine u say they are buff; Waxed and Buffed leaves you feeling totally buffabulous!

Like all MaD Tungsten rings; this one is made tough, will never lose it’s magical shine and won’t need a lick of polish either! Waxed and Buffed means no need for any future buffing whatsoever; so means you’ll have to find something else to rub vigorously back and forth! Oh there’s that buffabulous feeling again!

Sure the popularity of tough, quality made Tungsten rings for everyday wear is steadily climbing at a startling rate; but likewise lots of gents are also choosing them for a wedding band these days too. And here at MaD Tungsten we say why not? Our stunning metal rings are seriously wicked – A perfect way to say I Do!

8mm wide    16.7 grams