White Angel Tungsten Rings

MaD Tungsten mens ring ‘Carbon Muncher’ is seriously good friends with this not so angelic beauty, aptly named White Angel. No dried up jizz here. Just gorgeous polished edges with brushed middle featuring a white carbon fiber strip smack centre! get set to fly with our MaD White Angel!

This little gem will never end up crusty alsthough she’s built tough! Like all Tungsten mens rings this beauty will never lose her glorious shine and won’t scratch either! Many describe our MaD White angel as divinely sweet – the prestine nobility of all the Tungsten mens wedding bands! But if you are not planning on getting married just yet; our MaD Tungsten mens rings are great for casual wear too. No worries! Slip our White angel on your finger and perhaps you’ll find your very own whiteangellily to marry but let’s hope you don’t go getting all white angry dragoned on her. If you do; you can betcha the wedding will be off!