The Definitive Guide for Ring-Bearers

The Peeps Roadmap to Coolville (i.e; GUIDE FOR RING-BEARERS)

Remember learning to drive? The thrill of freedom waiting for you..

Yet you didn’t know your accelerator from your brake, or where to put your… foot.

A shitload of fun, a bit undie staining and all you end up doing is stalling.

Well to help you get from A to B without looking like a dick, we’ve slapped together a bit of a roadmap that should see you right (and no need to tell the missus we’ve helped ya eh!). So here is the guide for the bone headed ring bearers.

You want my finger where?!

When buying bling for the first time, make like a magpie and get a ring you like the look of. Truthfully most people like the ones that feel the most comfortable when they put them on. It’s really up to you. You’ll want to get the fit right cause it’s going to feel a little strange on your digits the first time you wear it.  Click Here for your size or Drop us a line  and we’ll send you out a guide to check your size.

Pimp that Ride.
We strongly advise learner wearers start with a simple Tungsten Carbide ring (no “L” plate needed).  Keeping It Simple Stuart will allow you to get used to wearing a ring, and once you’ve had a bit of a spin and done some doughnuts, it’s off to do more hard-core MaD Tungsten riding. It’ll happen in no time, scouts honour!   So get your Tungsten Crew membership and grab more hard-core MaD Tungsten rings for next to nothing (well almost)!

She’ll love the feel.
Mad Rings have more options than a day trader. Fully Tungsten Carbide is the way to go when you’re just starting out. Nothing is harder, you’ll never make a dent in it and your mates will still be praising you for it when you’re 110. Tungsten Carbide makes the toughest, staunchest, most hard-wearing rings this side of the spiral galaxy.

Since we put in a bunch of different ingredients into our MaD Tungsten rings and while they’re hardcore, they simply do not last like tungsten carbide does. So just like your missus, you’ll need to give them a bit of lovin’.

So if you’re rough as guts when you do your daily chores, stay with a totally Tungsten MaD Tungsten ring.

“Wax on, Wax off”.

Choices, choices, wax on, wax off.

When you choose the wax look not only will you have ensured you are at the center of all attention, it will raise the standard of any room you walk into.

Should you choose a matt look, a subliminal message of quality and style will radiate out from your MaD Tungsten aura, leaving admirers breathless in your wake.

If you like the best of both worlds, we’ve even made like a DJ and created some mash-ups for ya!

MaD Tungsten Rings last longer than you do.
That’s no lie (sorry but it’s true), hell it’ll even outlast the cockroaches. So please choose carefully, and give it to somebody hard-core enough to handle their inheritance.

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal…

The choice is yours! Click on “Rings” on the nav bar or Click Through to check out our selection.

Note: If you’re looking for something particular the options on the left break it down for easy finding.

MaD Tungsten…… It’s the funky cold medina.