The Jewellery Bible

Dan is proud to release his first book on jewellery for your reference. Why this book?
Well to understand this better Dan, tells us about how we came to be a jeweller.


It is not a bad choice because I would walk it all
over again if given the chance. It has fed me; and I live a life to envy.

Of course my son wonders why of all the careers in the world I chose to become a jewellerHe never understands what apprenticeship meant those days. He wants to become a
doctor, of what I don’t know. So my jewellery legacy will be stopping with me.
Not unless my wife has some luck with our daughter who seems pretty thrilled by
what we do (sorry I never told you I married a jeweller too). But at least now
that I’m putting words into paper the legacy will live elsewhere and someone
faraway may be influenced by my story.