The Truth


 Legend goes that a young scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele was bitten by a stone wolf (Tungsten means “heavy stone” in Swedish) and was transformed into a Wolfram.

Eventually captured he was thrown into a live volcano to end his reign of terror.

Because Tungsten Carbide has the highest melting point of all metals known to man (3,300 degrees celcius), that was all they found of his remains, and so named it Wolfram (as it came from a “rabid beast of prey”)

In truth there is not a single shred of factual evidence anywhere to support this legend and is most likely a load of old bollocks.

What is true however is at Mad Tungsten we use the best grade of quality tungsten carbide we can source, that’s jewellery grade, to create our freakin’ awesome rings.

We mix it with gold, silver, genuine (totally real) carbon fiber and bullet-stopping Kevlar.

If we feel it’s necessary we throw in pinches of different quality ingredients.

This gives us the most hard-wearing, staunchest Tungsten Carbide rings with the biggest kahunas this side of the spiral galaxy.

So what’s Tungsten Carbide? It’s a cocktail of of Tungsten and carbon alloy. Shaken not stirred.

On a thing called the Moh hardness scale Tungsten Carbide is second only to diamond.

It’s 10 x tougher than 18kt gold, tool steel is 5x more wimpy, and as for titanium, well it only has a quarter of the staunch that Tungsten Carbide does.

Superman may be the “Man of Steel” but our Tungsten Carbide rings can spit on him.( but they dont actually because Superman is one of our customers)

We’ve even got a porno promo to show our Tungsten hardness


The Groupies

Carbon Fibre and Kevlar

CF or Kevlar
Easily sourced, carbon fibre can be found everywhere, from space missions to Formula One to pimping your ride. It’s one tough material. Kevlar is another staunch material. Can anyone say armoured vest?

We don’t use them to stop speeding bullets. It’s cause they create an out-of-body holographic look. Wicked!



Gold and Silver

goldSeriously if you really need these explained, Google them. They have been around for long enough from the time caveman first used them in rock form to shoo the crows away



No we don’t make hippy tiles, or take pottery lessons.

Ceramic is so hard-core it gets used on the brakes of high performance cars.

It’s amazingly light-weight and dang if it doesn’t just look cool.





If you wannabe hard-core, you gotta have stones.

In this case we use Cubic Zirconia. It’s the cubic crystalline form (known as CZ to its mates) of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2).

The synthesized material is hard and visually faultless (looks amazingly awesome) and since we couldn’t put in Scarlett Johansson we used these.



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

We’ve used everything including Mum’s cutlery!

You know what it is, it goes in cause it’s easier to manipulate into patterns than wrapping a male around Megan Fox’s little finger.



These days “resin” pretty much means any component that ends up as a hardened lacquer.

It makes our rings look super-duper cause we can add a range of colours that look amazing.


They’re the bomb and have mystical properties that can fix joint pains.

We don’t use them for their looks (one day we’ll even figure out how to change channels on the T.V with them as well).

Here’s why they’re Hard-Core

  • No other ring on the market keeps their shape or sparkle like a Tungsten ring. They are the embodiment of extreme hardness.
  • Just like Excalibur, Tungsten rings will not chip, dent or bend. They often get called “Permanently Polished Rings”. No cleaning, cool!
  • Should the need arise a doctor or paramedic will be able to remove your ring, or just use a multi-tool.
  • You will never find any cobalt in MaD Tungsten rings (cobalt is really, really not cool for humans, so we keep it out).
  • Any and all carbon fiber used is 100 percent the real deal. No wannabe, fake, artificial hanger-on’s round here.
  • MaD Tungsten hardware is non- allergenic, non-magnetized and the stuff of legends

Are you tough enough?

MaD Tungsten Tungsten Carbide crushes titanium and other wussy materials the same way Iron Man takes on a coke can!