While your wedding was an extravagance, let your reception be personal. Keeping in mind that mood of the party, let’s have a look at 5 tips on wedding reception decors. It is all about keeping it warm, yet majestic.

Have a fire and water element:

Having a little fountain or water pouring down the glass, along with candles placed nearby, gives out an amazing visual entertainment to everyone. It gives an out of the world feel to your wedding reception decor and the reflection of the water with the light of the candles will give a beautiful feel.

The always-opted-for flowers:

Don’t make it conventional by using flowers on the banquet tables. Use it in the most unusual places that would surprise your guests. It is quite expected to have it on the table, instead use it as a carpet, sprinkle them all over the floor or think of something more innovative! Try using the flowers which are rare in the species and skip the obvious roses and orchids. Also try and opt for flowers with a shorter stem or cut the stem out and choose the ones which look fuller, for eg. Calla, Chrysanthemum etc.

Mad Tungsten wedding Decor Ideas

wedding Decor Ideas

Get creative with the lights:

Use plenty of little lights rather than using big ones. The little bulbs give out an appearance like stars in the night sky. You could complement these tiny little lights (preferably yellow) with huge round paper lanterns on a white cloth decoration. You can also place the lights in a way that they project upwards, instead of downwards, in the corners.

The tables and the chairs:

Have clusters of small capacity tables rather than having huge ones. Work on the placement of the guests and combine the ones who are like-minded or would like to be in the company of one another. It would make your wedding reception a grand success. Experiment with the shapes of the table rather than a circle or a square try using a hexagon or a square with cut-out edges etc. For the chairs, choose comfort over the design and look, you don’t want your guests to go home in discomfort, do you?

5.The place: Keep it outdoors, hence you can experiment more with spaces and decorations. Around the tables, you can have a flower, light and cloth decorations done with simplicity, leaving the upper part open to the sky. Make arrangements for the comfort of the guests. Keep these tips in mind and have a wonderful and memorable wedding reception!

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